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FusionIQ methodology and efficacy were validated by an independent expert research company – white paper available upon request. They found that FusionIQ Master Scores above 70 and below 45 show valuable and consistent results over many different investment capitalizations and styles. Over the period 2013 through 2015 using a liquid universe with market capitalization above $200 million, stocks with a FusionIQ Master Score of 70 or more outperformed the universe 62% of the time, while stocks with a FusionIQ Master Score of less than 45 underperformed the universe 65% of the time. The average monthly model portfolio return for stocks, rebalanced monthly, with a FusionIQ Master Score of 70 or more was 35 bps above the universe while the average monthly return for stocks with a FusionIQ Master Score less than 45 was 72 bps below the universe.  Note: These results are from a model portfolio backtest and not the results on a live, funded portfolio with real money.


FusionIQ™ is a financial information and technology company with a proprietary algorithm for scoring stocks and ETF’s in four dimensions, empowering professional traders, registered investment advisors, institutions and family offices with smarter analytics for smarter investing.



“IQ IT!”

  • FusionIQ™ profiles for over 5,000 listed Equities & ETFs Complete with Key financial metrics and proprietary scores and signals
  • FusionIQ Master Score prominently displayed
  • FusionIQ Master Score components clearly identified, defined, and prominently displayed
  • All covered ETFs display both current and historical FusionIQ scores as weighted composites of individual scores for underlying constituents
  • FusionIQ Signals clearly identified, defined, time-stamped, and differentiated from FusionIQ scoring methodology
  • Default chart is a simple 2 year line chart with stock price overlaid against ACTUAL historical FusionIQ Master Score. Last FusionIQ timing signal is also displayed.
  • Customizable FusionIQ master score threshold for validation of historical correlations.
  • Customized Date range Downloadable as CSV file








FusionIQ’s proprietary four-dimensional scoring model includes but is not limited to: valuation, balance sheet strength, improving financials, price momentum, sentiment, and a broad range of technical factors. Our model is grounded in the belief that simpler is better, but more relevant information is preferred to less. The value-add of our model comes from the stability we present using quality, time-tested factors, and from providing a dynamic weighting scheme which amplifies the models effectiveness by adjusting the factor weights for various market environments.

A dynamic, multi-factor fundamental model that examines over 70 factors. A proprietary algorithm determines which factors are most relevant given current market conditions and assigns those factors greater weight.

A sentiment model that incorporates the magnitude and direction of earnings revisions, as well as changes in expectations from the Wall Street analyst community.

A proprietary weighting of multiple technical indicators, including three different time frames of trend, as well as individual and group fund flows.
A model that incorporates a scoring of stocks that have the best returns over various time frames, from short-term to longer-term (weeks to months to years). The model includes volume momentum and short-term price reversals.


… Applied from Top-to-Bottom
Composite Master Scores for Groups & Sub-Groups, Market Indices & ETF’s


At FusionIQ, we only look at Sectors, Groups, Industries & ETFs as sums of their weighted individual components. By rolling up our proprietary, real-time, four-dimensional scores from the individual constituent level, we always present a true sum-of-the-parts picture. This approach assures that our process and our output transcends changing industry dynamics, index composition, or ETF construction and always reflects the actual fundamental, technical, sentiment, and momentum characteristics based on our proven algorithm.




 securities intelligence

Multi-Dimensional Intelligence

Most traders, investors and portfolio managers still view the world in one or two dimensions (commonly time & price). We use four. Our proprietary algorithm assigns numerical values (FusionIQ Scores) to over 5,000 listed securities based on the “fusion” of a wide range of quantitative technical, fundamental, momentum and sentiment indicators.
 actionable trader information

Actionable Information, User Defined

An active trader can use the FusionIQ Trader Platform to follow technical-only Timing Signals, use FusionIQ Master Score data as an overlay for an existing investment strategy, use FusionIQ Composite Master Scores to guide tactical ETF decisions, or target outperformance of an ETF or index based on FusionIQ Master Scores on underlying components.
 trading strategies

Robust Platform

FusionIQ’s web-based platform provides users the ability to view, sort, screen, and rank securities and sectors in both real time and historically. Users can harness the power of our system as a stand-alone idea generator, a tactical price and timing overlay to an existing strategy, or to create and back test trading strategies.
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Noise-Free, No Clutter

FusionIQ is a quantitative model. Our fusing of over 70 inputs across four dimensions generates a score, not a view or opinion.



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These materials represent an assessment of the market environment at specific points in time and are intended neither to be a guarantee of future events nor as a primary basis for investment decisions. The performance results should not be construed as advice meeting the particular needs of any investor. Neither the information presented nor any opinion expressed herein constitutes a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and investments in equity securities do present risk of loss. FusionIQ data is historical and their ability to repeat could be effected by material market or economic conditions, among other things.

These materials are prepared by FusionIQ for informational purposes only and are not presented as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. The information contained herein is neither investment advice nor legal opinion. The views expressed are those of the author as of the date of the publication of this report, and are subject to change without notice.